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Somatic Experiencing can help you release stress and re-discover your resiliency.
What is Somatic Experiencing?
Somatic Experiencing (SE) is a body-based approach to counseling that helps heal trauma and restore balance to an over-stimulated nervous system.

You can use SE when you:
- are irritated, jumpy or on edge 
- have anxiety keeping you awake
- can't seem to concentrate
- worry a lot


What Contributes to Chronic Stress?

We all experience times when stress builds up and feels overwhelming.  Sometimes this can be magnified by our responses to past events.

    * a loss
    * an accident
    * a medical procedure

When we cannot defend ourselves from such threats, excess energy from the natural fight/flight response can throw the nervous system off-balance.  This can lead to symptoms of chronic stress.


 What Will I Experience?
In SE, you are gently guided to become more aware of bodily sensations in order to optimize the balance of your nervous system.  You learn how your body responds to stress, and how to move back and forth between being "on" and resting.  Sometimes earlier trauma contributes to present stress.  SE helps integrate distressing memories.

What Will I Discover?
As the body learns how to self-regulate, old belief patterns and emotional habits often lose their grip.  Grounded in your body, you rediscover your innate resilience.  While SE is firmly based in body awareness, it does not require touch.

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